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Responsible Service of Alcohol

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If you are a non-Australian resident on an overseas student visa, you must only complete training with a CRICOS provider.
The AHA is not a CRICOS provider and you cannot complete training with us.
Visit www.cricos.education.gov.au/ for more information

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The AHA is an Official RSA provider approved by WA Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor


  • Bars and Pubs

  • Casinos and Clubs

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Caf鳠and  Restaurants

  • Event & Conference Centres

  • Wineries and Breweries


  • Understanding bar and wait staff obligations

  • Learn about different drink sizes and alcohol levels

  • Responsibly assist customers to drink within the limits

  • Know how to refuse service in an easy and professional manner



Price -

AHA Members: $65

Non-AHA Members: $49



  • Duty of Care and Minimising Harm

  • House policies and Identifying drunks

  • People it is an offence to serve and must be refused

  • Physical and social effects of alcohol

  • Juveniles on licensed premises

  • Strategies to use when refusing service and conflict resolution


  • No upfront costs - pay only on completion

  • Train anytime, anywhere - online course is available 24/7

  • Train at your own pace - flexibility to login and out as often as you wish for a period of one month

  • Keep up to date - the AHA(WA) provides the latest information and knowledge to the industry

  • Train with the best - over 100,000 people trained since 1998


Hotels, bars and restaurants can be AHA members and as a benefit, you as a staff member can also receive training discounts. If you donⴠknow whether you qualify for training discounts, check with your employer!


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Your RSA Certificate will be e-mailed to you upon successful completion of assessments and receipt of payment 


AHAWA and Nationally Accredited

RSAWA.COM.AU is delivered by the Australian Hotels Association (WA)
The AHA(WA) is nationally approved by ASQA to deliver this training


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